Update: Season of the Crow!

New season

Today, we mark the end of the “Hydra” season and the start of the new season that is called “Season of the Crow”. The rewards for the “Hydra” season were already given out and the rating was partially downgraded as per usual.

  • The new season will last until the 19th of April, 2018 (4 weeks)
  • The rules for the new season have remained the same as for the previous season.
  • Despite the fact that the new season is a bit shorter, the rewards will be the same as for the previous season.

Update season of the crow rewards

Interface update

The settings menu interface was stylistically updated to match the rest of the in-game interface. It was also rearranged for a more comfortable and intuitive use.

Players can now partially customize some of the game controls.

Attention! The direction and movement keys: WASD, Enter, Space, the arrow keys, and mouse buttons, cannot be reassigned. 

Additional changes

  • Mammoth was given 20% increase in armor and 5% increase in movement speed.
  • Players will now earn double the amount of crystals from the daily bonuses.
  • Players will now get 50% more crystals from the blueprints containers that are earned in battles.
  • The map selection system was readjusted/balanced.
  • The massacre map has been added to the map pool for ranked play
  • The gravity level on Moon Silence, in ranked play, has been increased to the standard level.


Bug fixes

  • If the chat window is open, pressing the “Y” or the “N” keys on the keyboard will no longer accept or decline an invitation to battle.
  • We added shadows to the battle interface text. Additional fixes were made to the battle interface.
  • The bug that was blocking the interface upon pressing the “Esc” key during the tutorial, was fixed.

Discount on premium

Premium can be temporarily acquired with a 30% discount for everybody.

The discount will work for both prolonging or a fresh premium activation. More info about the end of this special offer will be provided at a later date.

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