Update: Season of Heroes!

Greetings, tankers!

Today, we released an update that is mainly focused on ranked play changes, as well as game optimization.

It’s time for heroic deeds and the ultimate showcase of your skill. This is what you will need if you have hopes to grab the coolest reward Tanki X has ever seen since its existence. The symbol of the new season is the Samurai – a warrior of honor and courage, a desperate warrior that despise death and will fight to the very end, to defend his honor against the strongest opponents. Fire at will!


Ranked play changes:

  • Every player to reach the 2500 reputation points mark will enter the Masters league. The number of reputation you can earn in the Masters league is unlimited.
  • The new reputation downgrade system that happens at the end of every season will be looking like this from now on:
    • Players with less than 400 reputation points at end of the season will not lose any of their reputation points.
    • Players that are in the Master league at the end of the season will have their reputation points reduced down to 2500 points.
    • The rest of the players (with more than 400 and less than 2500 reputation points) will lose around 40% of their reputation points at the end of the season.
  • Players can now see their position in their current league in their in-game profile.
  • Players from the Master league will only battle against players from the same league. Players with more than 2500 reputation points (Master league) will no longer be matched against players from the Gold or a lesser league. Additionally, we’re currently testing a couple of changes that would affect the matchmaking ranges for the Gold and Silver leagues.
  • In one of the upcoming updates, we will add a penalty for players from the Master league for leaving the pre-battle lobby.
  • The current season will last until the 31st of May. The rewards for this season, for every league, will be more than doubled compared to previous seasons. The 6 weeks period will also allow us to better analyze the changes that we made and adjust the system if needed.
  • Players from the Master leagues will be competing for a Grand Prix – 9999 X-crystals, and the rarest paint in Tanki X called “Hero” that will be passed from one winner to another every season (only one player at a time will own this paint). The paint will have a unique visual special effect that we’re currently working on (it will be ready by the end of the season).

Update: Season of Heroes!

Other changes:

  • The game client was updated and optimized. Here are the main changes and improvements:
    • Less FPS drops;
    • Game resources optimization;
    • RAM memory usage optimization (this will drastically reduce game crashes);
    • The amount of grass on the maps has been reduced by a quarter.
    • Small changes to the interface;
    • The battle interface (the “Focus” mode in particular) was also optimized;
    • The “Focus” mode of the battle interface will now be the default for new players;
  • More daily quests. Starting today, the daily quests list will renew every 12 hours ( at 00:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC). This means that if you completed a quest within the first 12 hours, you will get a new one once 12 hours have passed.
  • Important! This change does not affect premium quests. These will continue renewing every 24 hours.
  • Players will now join an on-going battle only during the first half of the battle.
  • Only the Training league will now have bots, occasionally.


For any game related issues, please refer to our support site: http://echo.tankix.com/
Make sure you search for the issue on the help site, before posting a new one, in order to avoid double posting.

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