Update: Season Of The Ghost!

Season of the Ghost!

The 9th ranked season, that went by the name Season of the Phoenix, has ended this morning. The 10th ranked season has started right away. Now, because this season will also run during Halloween, we decided to call it the Season of the Ghost, so that it fits with the upcoming Halloween celebration.

Because this season is special, you will earn a special reward – a glowing graffiti! The participants of the current season will be rewarded a special glowing graffiti, that is also Halloween inspired.

The Season of the Ghost will run for 6 straight weeks until the 15th of November.

Every player, to have played at least one ranked battle last season, got corresponding rewards and already received them onto his account. As per every end of a season, the rating of all players was downgraded as follows:

  • Players with less than 500 reputation points at end of the season did not lose any of their reputation points.
  • Players with more than 4500 reputation points had their points reduced back down to the minimum mark of 4500 reputation points.
  • The rest of the players (with more than 501 and less than 4449 reputation points) lost around 40% of their reputation points at the end of the season.

The tanker under the nickname “Creation” has become the player with the highest number of reputation points last season. He will be awarded the legendary “Hero” paint. Congratulations!


The rewards for the Season of the Phoenix were the same as for the season prior to it. The new season, however, has received a couple of changes in that aspect.

  • We added a new special Master league containers with blueprints, which will be awarded to players playing in the Master league. This container contains about 25 blueprints, with a certain chance of getting tier 2 and tier 3 blueprints.
  • We added a new Master league paint. Every player that was ever in the Master league will receive the paint as a gift in a couple of days.
  • Players that will reach the Master league for the first time, will be awarded 5 Master league containers with blueprints and the Master league paint (it is awarded only once).
  • The number of containers rewarded for every league was changed.

Other changes:  

  • If an unbalanced battle ends in favor of the team with fewer players, the points will be distributed like in a balanced battle;
  • Vulcan’s gyroscope has been disabled;
  • The Freeze and the Firebird turrets can now spray through destroyed tanks;
  • The Railgun turret can also shoot through destroyed tanks, but the damage of the laser that goes through a destroyed tank was reduced down to 20% instead of 50%.
  • When the module “Emergency protection” activates, the tank enters a cryogenic state in which it moves very slow until part of its health points are regenerated. Thanks to that, the tank will no longer self-destruct upon using this module.
  • The Radar module now sees allied tanks as well.
  • The priced in Crystals got change due to the increase in exchange rates of X-crystals into Crystals.

Fixed bugs:

  • We fixed a bug in which Shaft would hit through obstacles if its barrel was in the obstacle.
  • We fixed a bug with the Railgun, in which the pre-shooting charging animation was not seen by other players after the turret’s barrel moved out of an obstacle/object.
  • We fixed a bug in which enemy tanks were not taking damage if they were to be behind your or an allied “Force Field”.
  • The artwork on the loading screen now adapts to different resolutions.

Have fun and good luck in the new season!

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