Update: Season of the Tiger!

Greetings, tankers!

Today marks the end of the 6th ranked season. Every player that played at least one battle during this season, has already received the deserved rewards. Just like at the end of previous seasons, we’ve reduced the reputation points for the majority of players, so that in the new season, everybody can have a decently fair chance at getting at the top of the reputation ladder.

Here are the principles that we currently follow when reducing reputation points at the end of a season:

  • Players with end the season with less than 400 reputation points don’t lose any;
  • Players who end the season in the Master league, get their reputation points reduced down to 2750 reputation points;
  • The rest of the players get their reputation points reduced by 40%.

Good news! 

Based on the feedback that we got from players, we decided that the “Hero” paint, that was recently introduced as a reward for the best-ranked player of the season, will not be passed on from a winner to another every season, but will rather permanently remain in the winner’s garage.

Update: Season of the Tiger!

The first owner of this paint has officially become, the player under the nickname “Immediate”. Congratulations!

The list with the top50 standings for the previous season is available under the spoiler below.

Season of the Tiger!


A couple changes that will take effect with the start of the new season:

  • The Master league minimum reputation mark has been increased from 2500 to 2750 reputation points.
  • The number of containers that players from the Bronze, Silver, and Gold league get as season rewards, was increased to 15.
  • The “Hero” paint was updated with a unique animation. The paint will be awarded to the best-ranked player of the season and will permanently remain in his garage.

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