Update: Season One and Balance Changes

Today, was the last day of our trial competitive season called, Season Zero. Congratulations to every participant!

Season One

Season One has automatically started and will last until November 27th.

  • We’ve lowered down the rating for all the players that had more than 400 reputation points. Players that had 3500 reputation points, got lowered down to 2100 reputation points, which is somewhere at the start of the Gold League.
  • We’ve changed the number of reputation points required for each of the leagues:
    • Rookie: 100-139
    • Bronze: 140-599
    • Silver: 600-1999
    • Gold: 2000+
    • Master: 3000+
  • New season rewards:
    • New graffiti
    • More of X-crystals

Season One update


In addition, with the release of the new season, we’ve decided to make a few balance changes.


  • We’ve reduced the armor for Dictator and Mammoth:
    • Minimum 2800 → 2600
    • Maximum 3900 → 3700
  • We’ve increased the armor for Hornet and Wasp:
    • Minimum 1500 → 1600
  • We’ve increased the weight of the Wasp hull from 20 → 21 tons.
  • We’ve increased the turning speed of the Wasp hull  from 120 → 130 º/s

Developer’s comment: 
Our statistics this month, has shown that heavy hulls have a clear superiority over light hulls, in terms of kill and death ratio. Of course, heavy hulls are armored, and light hulls are more maneuverable and quicker, which theoretically should make their effectiveness approximately the same, but this isn’t working.


  • Thunder
    • We’ve fixed the bug that was causing Thunder’s explosive hit to deal a higher amount of damage.
  • Freeze
    • Its charge time has been reduced by 10% (from 7 → 6.3 sec.)
    • Its reload time has been reduced from 8 → 7.1 sec
    • Its freezing speed has also been reduced

Developer’s comment:
As the statistics show, Freeze was very effective at destroying enemy tanks while having a huge number of deaths. We believe that its damage is optimal, so we’ve decided to reduce its freezing speed so that players can react to it in time. Freeze players will have to be masters of maneuverability and smart on using their charges, in order to have the same results as before.
Thunder had a nasty bug, and because many have complained, we investigated and fixed it. 


  • EMP
    • We’ve reduced its radius, and recharge time
  • Invisibility
    • We’ve reduced its recharge time

Developer’s comment:
EMP turned out to be really powerful, hence, we’ve decided to nerf it. We’re also thinking about reworking the module.
We don’t want to have modules with the must have status. We want our players to try different combinations and builds without any compromises. 


Whatever the update is, please, discuss it constructively.
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