Update: Squads and more

Introducing Squads

  • Players can now form squads with their friends.
  • The maximum number of players in a squad is 4 (four)
  • To create a squad, a player simply has to click on the special button near his avatar, or by inviting a friend to his squad.
  • A player can only invite players that are on their friends list, to a squad. Only players that are not in a battle, a lobby, or in another squad, can be invited.
  • Any player can request to join another player’s squad if that player is the leader of the squad and it’s not full.
  • Only the leader of the squad can start searching for a battle. Only the leader of the squad can promote another player to leader.
  • If the leader of the squad leaves the squad intentionally a random player is promoted to leader. If he leaves by accident (error or disconnection), the squad will disband (this is still being worked on).
  • A squad member can share teleport charges with the other members of the squad.
  • A squad member will automatically be kicked out of the squad if he leaves the battle definitely, or if he fails to reconnect to a battle within 2 minutes after leaving. If the leader of the squad leaves the battle, the rest of the squad will remain in the battle, but the squad will be disbanded.

Squads Update

Matchmaking Squads

  • Squads will first be matched with other squads.
  • Squads will be matched against each other, according to the member with the higher rating on each of the squads.
  • Players that are in the same squad are displayed with the same color in the lobby.

Battle interface update

  • Players can now see a more detailed information about their actions in battle.
  • The battle interface will now show:
    • solo or assist kills
    • flags captured or returned
    • healing


Because of a nasty bug, the timer for the daily bonuses has been reset. However, the rewards that you already received, will remain in your garage. 


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