Update: The Hydra Season

Greetings, tankers!

The third season ended this morning. The fourth season already started, the Hydra season, and with it, a lot of changes to the game. We strongly believe that these are positive changes. Give it a week try, please.

1. Unified play modes into ranked play.

  • Quickplay and ranked play are now unified. The following game modes, TDM, CTF, and Cosmic battles, are now part of ranked play.
  • The cosmic battles have a lower chance of being selected for a battle.
  • DM (Deathmatch) is temporarily removed from the game, but it will be added to ranked play later in the season.

2. Teleport charges removed.

  • The teleport charges were completely removed from the game and ranked battle has become free.
  • Upon entering the game the first time after the update, you will see that all the charges that you have yesterday were converted into Crystals at a 1 to 5 conversion rate.
  • Premium account now offers 500 Crystals daily instead of teleport charges.


3. Changes to league reputation ranges.

  • Bronze league reputation range has been widened, from 140-599 to 140-699.
  • Silver league reputation range has been widened, from 600-1999 to 700-1999.

4.Reduction of player’s losses in ranked play.

  • Players in the Training and Bronze league will earn reputation at a 100% increased rate.
  • Players in the Silver league – at a 50% increased rate.
  • Players in the gold league – at 33% increased rate.

We want to remind you that top 2-3 most valuable players in both the winning and the losing team, get bonus reputation in 95% of the situations. So, a better result in a battle will most like be compensated and will help you climb the ranked ladder.

5. All the modules slots are now available.

  • All 6 modules slots are now available disregarding the level of the hull or turret. They will be open to the player from level 1 and will allow the player to play with his favorite modules form the beginning.
  • The visual rewards for leveling up a hull or a turret were untouched. You will still get graffiti and skins for leveling up your turret or/and hull.

6. Gold boxes

  • are dropping in every type of battle and rewards 1000 Crystals, just like in the old days.

7. Season Hydra has begun. 

  • The season started today, February 16th, and will last until March 22nd.
  • The rewards will also be increased.


Top 50 masters for the previous season will be published this weekend.

Attention! We are working on sending the rewards for the previous season to everybody. Don’t panic, just stay put and only contact us if you haven’t received your reward within 24 hours.


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