Update – Twins XT

Update - Twins XT

Hello, tankers!

In today’s update, we’ve released a new container called “Twins”, which is available for purchase in our store for 125 X-crystals.

  • a very rare skin called “Twins XT“;
  • new graffiti called “Partners” and “Demolisher”;
  • new paint and coating called “Honeycomb”;
  • “Gold” skin for Twins;
  • “Clay” and “Jade” coatings.

Bug fixes:

We’ve fixed a few graphical issues and animations on the following skins: “Dictator-II”, “Hunter-II’, “Titan-II”, “wasp-II”, Freeze “Steel”, “Hammer-II”, “Railgun-I”, Railgun “Gold”, “Smoky-II”, Twins “Steel”, “Vulcan-II”.

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Fire at will!

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