Updates released last week!

Greetings, tankers!

Last week, we’ve released a couple of updates in which we’ve mainly fixed the most important bugs that were encountered by our players after the release of the Arms Race update.

Here are the patch notes.


  • We’ve added a sound that notifies players when their turret’s magazine is empty.
  • We’ve added short daily quest instructions to the tutorial.

Bug fixes:

  • We’ve fixed an issue that was allowing rookies to be matched with players of higher ranking;
  • We’ve fixed a bug in which  If a player had more charges than the limit allows (let’s say 7 out of 4), and he would enter a ranked game, the system would take away all of his extra teleports, instead of one.
  • We’ve fixed a bug in which some players might have accidentally been charged 2x the price of teleport charges.
  • We’ve fixed a bug in which players to have reached rank 101, didn’t receive their rewards.
  • We’ve fixed a bug in which the tank upgrade count was starting from level 0 when it should’ve started from level 1.
  • We’ve fixed a couple of issues in the tutorial, and a couple of interface errors.
  • Players no longer see allied Force Fields in Shaft’s sniper mode.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that didn’t allow players to get their free teleport changes in our in-game store.
  • The daily quests are now properly displayed.
  • We’ve fixed the bug that was crashing the game client during the display of the battle results screen.
  • We’ve fixed the bug that was crashing the game client in spectator’s mode.
  • We’ve fixed a bug in which the bonus damage/armor that is granted by the modules wasn’t displayed correctly.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that was triggering a series or fps drops upon releasing the Spider Mine and the Turret Drone.
  • We’ve fixed a visual bug related to the daily quests.
  • We’ve fixed a bug in which the description of the turret/hull at level 10, wasn’t properly displayed.
  • The player’s favorite turret/hull is now displayed correctly in the player’s profile (the turret and the hull with the most battles on their count).
  • We’ve fixed some of the characteristics for modules, upon upgrading (Temperature block, and others).
  • We’ve fixed an issue in which the number of available teleports wasn’t properly displayed if their number was exceeding the device’s maximum capacity after the player has left a battle.
  • We’ve fixed few issues that were causing fps drops before battles.


For any game related issues, please refer to our support site: http://echo.tankix.com/ ⚠
Make sure you search for the issue on the help site, before posting a new one, in order to avoid double posting

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