Valentine’s Day in Tanki X!

Greeting, tankers!

Our team wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day. May all of your Romantic ventures end up in your favor. Cherish every smile and be happy for no reason, and let February 14th be only a small reminder for your already romantic heart.

Now, on to the Valentine’s Day celebration in Tanki X.

  • For the following 3 days, you will be earning twice as much experience in battle. Level up your tank, rank-up, and earn more containers with blueprints.
  • In your garage, you will find a unique graffiti called “Devil’s Heart”, at the price of 1000 Crystals. An excellent illustration that represents the nature of love.
  • Until February 19th, upon buying X-crystals using any available payment method, you will get two bonuses! First, you will get double the amount of X-crystals you paid for. Secondly, you will get a special paint called “Arrows of Love” as a gift.

Valentine's Day
Attention! If you’re planning on using special prepaid vending machines, you will need to pay the exact cost of the smallest X-crystals package. Don’t forget to take the commission into account.

The celebration is scheduled to last until 6:00 UTC, February 17th, 2018. 


We will be giving away and be rewarding a few “Red Heart” and “Blue Heart” graffiti, as well as the “Spark” paint, the one from last year. Stay tuned to our social media pages for giveaway announcements, and join our ongoing poetry contest.

Happy Valentine’s Day celebration, tankers!

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