Valentine’s Day in Tanki X

Happy Valentine’s Day, tankers!

Our in-game celebrations have only started, so hurry up if you want to make the best of the surprises we’ve prepared for you.

  • 25% off the upgrades cost, with the condition that the mastery is higher than the upgrade level (If the upgrade button is green, you will benefit off the discount);
  • The drop chance of the gold boxes and supply boxes in battles are increased by three times (3x).
  • A new paint called “Spark” is available for purchase in the garage, for 250 X crystals.
  • Two new graffiti called “Red Heart” and “Blue Heart” respectively, are available for purchase in the garage, for 2000 Blue crystals or 115 X crystals.

The celebration event has just started this morning and will end at 6:00 AM CET, February 17th. Once the event is over, the special paint and graffiti will become unavailable for purchase, but those to have acquired them during the celebration event, will get to keep them in their garage forever.

We’ve also made a few equipment balance adjustments. You can visit our forum for a full list of changes, by clicking on the button below.

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