Warrior’s Glory Days!

Hello, tankers!
Today we have two reasons to celebrate — the change of the rating season and the beginning of the holiday Warrior’s Glory Day!

Firstly, congratulate the player Great_Gevorgyan who became the Top-1 of the season for the second time! No one has managed to take away the honorary title and win the Hero paint this month, but Great_Gevorgyan again receives an excellent award.
All players received well-deserved awards for the season, the Top players of the season will be published later.

Warrior’s Glory Days

From 21 February till 07:00 UTC of February 26  we will celebrate Warrior’s Glory Days. And we have something to please faithful tankers!


“Hundreds of years ago, when men were fighting on the field, in their tanks, every war was a catastrophe and would mark new records of lives lost in battles, every time. We now have remotely controlled tanks, and the battlefields are not as bloody as once. No, we should not live in the past, but we should honor those who lost their lives for the safety of the times we currently live in. They had to die in their time so that we could live in ours.”


New map “Old school’
Old School is a historic place. The legendary physicist Ilya Loginov studied and then taught here in the early XXI. And later in 2045, he created a first prototype of the tank “X”. Of course, his native village with the school was destroyed during the years of cataclysms and years of war between corporations. But the descendant of the scientist once recreated it as one of the training grounds for fighters. However, sometimes it fails to simulate the supplies landing.

The 4×4 map is available in rated and custom battles for all battle modes.
In addition, the “Silence” and “Moon silence” maps were updated and balanced in geometry, the previews for them in the game were also changed.


Containers as a reward for the battle
Next 5 days you can earn a special container “Warrior’s Glory Day 2019” in the battles. It will drop 1 random item, and if you’re lucky — two. The container contains:

  • a new rare ammunitions for the turret “Vulcan” — red M134R “Frontier” and blue M134B “Antaeus”;
  • a new epic ammunition EM-PC MkII “Lighting” for the turret “Shaft”;
  • a new epic paint “Mars stars”;
  • an epic skins “Defender” for the turret “Smokey” and the hull “Hunter”;
  • an epic graffiti “Red star”;
  • 8 new avatars with characters from the game world, including:
    • an epic avatar “Vladimir Repin” — Head of Antaeus corporation.;
    • an epic avatar “Garcia Lopez” — Commander of the Frontiercorporation.;
    • a rare avatar “Professor” — Scientist of Antaeus corporation, who invented a simple way to teleport small objects over long distances;
    • a rare avatar “Magnus Grim” — Chief engineer of Antaeus, who designed the Spider Mine;
    • a rare avatar “Yamamoto Tsunetomo” — Force policy coordinator of Antaeus;
    • a rare avatar “Evgeny Romanov” — Chief engineer of Frontier;
    • a rare avatar “Oscar Khrom” — Force policy coordinator of Frontier;
    • a rare avatar “Dean Cunningham” — Head of the Frontier’s intelligence unit.





At the end of every battle, players will have a chance to earn the “Warrior’s Glory Day 2019” container if they meet the following terms:

  • The player has earned a minimum of 100 battle points.
  • The player has played the battle to the end and waited for the final scoreboard.

Only after you’ve followed the above terms, you will have a chance of receiving a container, but it does not guarantee it. If by the end of the battle you don’t have the required minimum amount of battle points, your chances to receive a container will be equal to 0 (zero).

How else can I get items:

  • Container “Warrior’s Glory Day 2019” is also available for purchase in the store for 125 X-crystals. If you drop an item that is already in your garage, you will receive 6,250 blue crystals as compensation.
  • Shells for the “Vulcan” are also available in the garage at the price of 349 X-crystals and will remain there after the holiday.
  • 6 new rare avatars (except epic “Vladimir Repin” and “Garcia Lopez”) are also available for purchase in the avatar window at the price of 23,000 blue crystals and will remain there after a holiday.

Promotions and sales

All-time holiday in the game:

  • double experience for participation in all battles;
  • 30% discount on all containers with blueprints for upgrading your modules;
  • an epic paint “Military” and graffiti “Serge”  on sale in the store.

Have a great weekend, tankers!

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