Warrior’s Glory Days 2018!

“Hundreds of years ago, when men were fighting on the field, in their tanks, every war was a catastrophe and would mark new records of lives lost in battles, every time. We now have remotely controlled tanks, and the battlefields are not as bloody as once. No, we should not live in the past, but we should honor those who lost their lives for the safety of the times we currently live in. They had to die in their time so that we could live in ours.”

Greetings, tankers!

During the next three days, February 23rd-26th, we’ll be celebrating Warrior’s Glory Days.

How will we be celebrating?

  • Upon buying X-crystals in our in-game store, you will get double the number of X-crystals you paid for.
  • 2x gold box drop rates.
  • “Day of Glory 2018” container that can be earned in battles or purchased in your garage. It contains:
    • New graffiti called “Serge
    • New paint called “Military
    • Paint and coating called “Taiga”, “Forester”, and “Dirty”.
    • “Firebird Red” and “Twins Violet” shells.
    • “Defender” skins for Hunter and Smoky.


At the end of every battle, players will have a chance earn the “Glory Day 2018” container if they meet the following terms:

  • The player has earned a minimum of 100 battle points.
  • The player has played the battle to the end and waited for the final scoreboard.

Only after you’ve followed the above terms, you will have a chance of receiving a container, but it does not guarantee it. If by the end of the battle you don’t have the required minimum amount of battle points, your chances to receive a container will be equal to 0 (zero).

On February 26th, after the event celebration removal, the “Day of Glory 2018” container will become unavailable in your garage and will stop dropping in battles as a reward. However, those to have acquired and opened them during the celebration event, will keep the loot forever.


Additionally, we will be giving away “Day of Glory 2018” containers on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages, as well as Discord, all weekend. 

Stay tuned.

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