Warrior’s Glory Days

Hundreds of years ago, our battles were fought by men and every battle was turning into massacre, marking the loss of hundreds of lives. Years have passed, and thanks to the new technology, we don’t have to go through that again… but the memories of the past wars are still hunting us, reminding how valiantly our grandfathers fought, so that we can save our children… so that they can have a future.

Every year, we’re gathering to honor our heroes and veterans, both those who have fallen and those who’re still alive. 


The Warrior’s Glory Days celebration has started just hours ago and it is scheduled to be removed at 6:00 AM CET, 27th of February.

But until then, we’re inviting you yo join us in this celebration and benefit of the:

  • 25% bonus to every pack of X crystals purchased during the event.
  • Players will earn two times more experience points and crystals in battle, during the event.
  • A new container called “Day of Glory“, will be available during the event. Players will be able to purchase it in their garage or will have a chance to receive one at the end of every battle as a reward.
  • It contains:
    • Taiga“, “Dirty“, and “Forester” paints;
    • Ammunition for Twins and Firebird;
    • New graffiti called “Poster” and “Red Star“;
    • A very rare skin set for Smoky and Hunter called “Defender“.

More details about the event is available on our forum, where you can also discuss and share your feedback about the event.

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