Winter Holidays in Tanki X

Hey, tankers! Our entire development X team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Holidays are coming to Tanki X, and that means that we’re going to have surprises and awesome events. The celebration this year, has started on December 25th, 2017, and will last until January 9th, 2018. 

Winter Holiday Season

December 25th, 2017 – January 9th, 2018

Our next ranked season will be a bit more special than the normal season and it will last only two weeks. At the end of this season, every player to have played ranked during this period will receive “New Year 2018” containers and special graffiti.


The container contains the following items:

  • New paint “Orion” that glows in the dark;
  • New paint “Antarctica” that has a cool relief;
  • New graffiti that symbolize the upcoming new year: “Bull Terrier”, “Bulldog”, and “Doberman”’
  • The “Frozen” ammunition for Twins and Ricochet;
  • Very rare skins called “Frost” for Wasp and Freeze


The container will also be obtainable in our in-game store.

During the celebration, the “Gold Box” drop rates will be increased. Catching them will allow you to play ranked more often, hence, help you earn more containers.

“Battle for the Tank Carrier” – In-game Event!

This is your chance to influence history!

Today, we release the long-awaited new Tanki X map called “Repin”. Watch the video below to learn more about the map.

Frontier’s attack on the Antaeus’ tank carrier will last for a few days and will most probably conclude on December 31. After that, we will check every ranked battle played on this map and will decide the winner.

In order to participate in this battle, you must:

  • Pick a side – buy and equip one of the two graffiti, each representing a faction: Antaeus and Frontier respectively. It’s time to represent!!
  • Battle your opponent until December 31st, 2017, in ranked battles on the new map called the “Repin”.
  • The main deciding indicator will be the number of destroyed tanks. The faction with the most tanks destroyed will win.


The new map will forever remain in the game. But, depending on the results of this event the following things will happen.

  • In an update in January, we will customize the map with the symbols of the winning faction.
  • This will be a historic moment and the lore of the game will be rewritten.
  • Additionally, this battle will help sponsor a special 5 days event, from January 2nd to 6th, 2018, in which both the funds and experience gained in battles will be increased by 50%.

The “Spectre” Paint

One of the most important events that come with today’s update is the release of the first animated paint.

The “Spectre” paint is a unique paint that will smoothly change color every other 3 seconds. Players will receive this paint as a bonus, upon buying the 2250 X-crystals package in our in-game store.

A couple of animated paints will be given away during the “Contest Avalanche” final raffle that will be Live on January 10th, during our Livestream.

Deals and Bonuses

Upon buying X-crystals during promotional days, you will receive double the amount.

During this celebration, a number of promotional days are scheduled to take place.
Attention! The first promotional day started today, December 25th. The special promotion will end later today, at 22:00 UTC. You have less than 12 hours.

This is the best way to acquire the “Spectre” paint and get a lot of X-crystals to be spent on other winter holiday items. Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming promotional days.

Winter Holidays

New Year – New Nickname!

We’re also running a 50% discount on nickname change, during the entirety of the celebration. 300 X-crystals instead of 600!

More news will be presented to you in the next episode of our Developer’s Diary that is scheduled to be released on December 29th.

All the winter holiday sales and promotions will be disabled on January 9th, 2018.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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