World Cup 2018 – Final Discount!


The final discount on the “World Cup 2018” paint!

The World Cup 2018 finals will take place this weekend. The tournament turned out to be very interesting and quite unexpected. Even those that have never watched a football match in their lives, joined their family, friends, or random people at the local pub, not only for the company but also to cheer for their country’s football team.

As a reminder of this important event, we designed a paint called “World Cup 2018”, which you can buy at a 50% discount in our in-game store.

Between the 13th and the 15th of July, the “World Cup 2018” paint will cost 249 X-crystals. The paint can also be obtained as a gift upon buying 2 or more X-crystals packages in our in-game store.

Get your souvenir first, you might find everything sold out after the finals! ;)

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