XT Skins – Temporarily Available for Sale!

If you don’t consider yourself a very fortunate guy when it comes to containers, we have awesome news for you.

For an entire week, all XT skins will be available in our in-game store as stand-alone items – not in containers. We don’t know when the offer will be removed, yet. :D

All the XT skins are Epic items, therefore, from the next week on, all of them will only be available in containers, including the Railgun and the Wasp XT. Surely, they might be available as stand-alone items again for different special offers at different points, but some of them might not.

So, it is up to you. Are you the type that would rather pay 999 X-crystals for an Epic XT skin, or are you the type that considers himself fortunate and would rather try his luck on a 125 X-crystals container such as Valhalla or Assassin?


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