Developer’s Diary #21

Hello, tankers!

Welcome to another episode of Developer’s Diary!

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In today’s episode, we’ll be telling you about the long-awaited ammunition for CBQ participants. We’ll also be telling you about bug fixes on maps, and about our plans for February.


CBQ Reward – Railgun Ammunition

The new year has started on a very productive note for Tanki X, and our developers have kept up the pace by releasing yet another reward for our CBQ testers.

Our tankers wearing a beta tester badge, have already received supplies, a wallpaper, a unique paint, and a skin for their Hornet. We’ve also added a remake of the Barda map from Tanki Online. It is called West Prime.


The latest reward for our beta testers is the new Railgun ammunition, which has already been rolled out into the game and added to the garages of our CBQ participants.

Yes, it looks as if it’s bugged and glitchy. This was done intentionally, to remind our testers of how they stuck with us through the good times… and the bad times.

Equipment Nerfs

With the release of the CBQ ammunition, we’ve also made some significant changes to the equipment balance system in mastery.
The new principle takes into account the hull’s mastery, in addition to the turret mastery. Previously, only the turret’s mastery was considered.

Let’s say you are playing a Viking and Thunder combination, each of them at a mastery level of 50. You decide to start playing Mammoth, which you’ve never used before, without changing your turret. Since you’re new to Mammoth, this combination will be balanced to the lowest mastery level, in this case, Mammoth’s, which is zero.

Thanks to this update, improving new turrets and hulls will become a lot more practical.

Maps fixes and garage visual upgrade

This week, our development team implemented a big update that fixed a number of bugs on some maps and upgraded and finalized the in-game garage.


Let’s take a look at the fixes.

We’ve fixed the “secret rooms” on Kungur, Iran and Rio, that were allowing players to shoot enemies without getting hit back because of the cover.

We’ve also fixed some of the re-spawn zones, a few bugs with supply crates falling through textures, and also closed the passages to places that are hard to reach, to avoid abuse.

We want to remind you that exploiting a bug to get an advantage in the game, is in violation of the game rules. Please report such bugs on our support site echo.tankix.com

In addition to all that, we’ve also had time to finish and upgrade the looks of the in-game garage. The energy reactors in the garage are now animated. You might be asking… “why?” Well, to make it look pretty, of course.


February Plans

In our last episode, we told you about the upcoming modules for hulls, which will add new characteristics to your tank. We intend to roll these out at the end of February or beginning of March. Of course, this doesn’t mean that February will be a quiet month in terms of updates. We’re planning on updating the game interface, balance the battles, and of course, a few in-game celebrations.

In February, we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day. On the day, there might be an increase in gold box drop rate, and hopefully a few other surprises. At the end of the month, we’ll be celebrating an event called “Warrior’s Glory Days” with special containers and new in-game items.

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Stay tuned and follow the news on our official Tanki X website. See you soon, tankers!

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