Update – 12th of April

Hello, tankers!

Besides the Cosmonautics Day celebration, which we’ve announced yesterday, we’ve implemented a few sets of game optimizations, on which we’ve worked hard during the several past weeks, and much more.

We’ve launched our Cosmonautics Day celebration event. Between 12th and 14th of April, you are invited to play on the “Moon Silence” map, and at the end of each battle, you will have a chance to receive the “Cosmonautics Day” container, which can also be purchased in your garage for 125 X-crystals. Here you can read more details about the event.


We’ve updated our Unity3D game engine. Please be aware, that because of this update, you will have to redownload most of the game files, but the amount of the downloaded content has been significantly reduced.

Thanks to the use of the “lightmap” technology, we’ve improved the lighting and shadows in the game. Even on low spec computers and on minimal graphic settings, the game now has environmental shadows. On high graphic settings, rendering speed has increased.

We’ve made a few changes on a number of maps:


  • The team base now corresponds to the spawn point of the players from the corresponding team;
  • The “Recharge” supply near the railroad was moved to the other side of the road.


  • The “Recharge” supplies had their position changed and now they’re more symmetrical relative to each other;
  • The “Absorbing armor” supply had his position changed, from the passage closer to the building;
  • New supplies, “Recharge” and “Turbospeed” has been added to the catacombs.


  • We’ve changed the location of the “Recharge” supply on the base of the Red team, on TDM and CTF.


  • The “Turbospeed” supply is now located closer to the edge of the roof;
  • Added a “Turbospeed” supply in the tunnel.

West Prime:

  • The “Recharge” supply in the base of the Red team, has been moved into the passage zone;
  • The “Recharge” supply in the base of the Blue team, has been moved out of the passage zone;
  • Added a new Killzone in the pit, in the base of the Blue team.

We’ve also fixed the respawn points on every map so that we don’t get players spawning over each other or supply boxes.

You can discuss the update on our forums. Don’t forget to leave your feedback and opinions.

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