Hello, tankers!

After a long wait, the matchmaking has finally been released.

Players are now offered 6 different options to search for battle:

  • Quick Game, which will send you to a random game, in a random mode;
  • Deathmatch – the usual DM battle type;
  • Team Deathmatch;
  • Capture the Flag;
  • Space Battle, which will throw you into crazy battles on low gravity maps;
  • Custom Game – which will allow you to create a private battle, and play with friends.


You can create a custom game based on the following parameters:

  • Mode (DM, TDM, CTF);
  • Map (any map);
  • Battle time (1-60 minutes)
  • Friendly fire on or off
  • Kill zones enabled or disabled
  • Mastery level (none to 25)
  • And Gravity level (Earth, Mars, Moon, and Super Earth)

Here is how the matchmaking system works:

  1. When you press “Play”, at the bottom of the screen you will see your “Effective level”. This is the level of your tank, which is the middle coefficient between the levels of your hull and turret. You will be matched with players of the same level.
  2. Select “Quick battle” or one of the modes. After you’ve done that, you will be moved into a lobby screen and the system will start looking for players. When a match has been found, players will start joining the lobby. The battle will then start in two cases:
    1. after every player has pressed the “Ready” button;
    2. after the timer at the top of the screen has run off.
  3. New players can join the battle only 3 minutes after it started.
  4. If the system has found you a game that has already started, you will have to press “Ready” in order to be moved into the battle, or you will automatically be moved once the timer on the top of the screen runs off.
  5. If you’ve created a custom game, or you have been invited to one, the game will start when the player who has created the game, presses “Start the battle”. If the player who has created the battle leaves the battle, the leadership is transferred to another player.
  6. If you want to refuse to join a match found by the system, you can just leave the lobby, by pressing “Leave the Lobby” button.

Other changes:

  • We’ve made a few changes to the “Invite a friend to battle” screen. You can now invite players only to a custom battle.
  • The timer for all the battles has been reduced to 10 minutes.

Developer’s comment:

In the new matchmaking system, 10 minutes is the optimal battle time. Why finishing up a long and protracted battle, when you can just play shorter battles? You have to agree that it’s also more fun. In addition, we’re expecting this to be a solution for players leaving battles prematurely. it is worth noting that with the old system, the battles were getting full just minutes after the start, so on average, the battles were just as short.

Important! We’re expecting that many issues will pop up during the day, please bear with us, as we will try our best to fix whatever issues we might encounter.


For any game related issues, please refer to our support site: http://echo.tankix.com/ ⚠
Make sure you search for the issue on the help site, before posting a new one, in order to avoid double posting

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