Weekend Rush – November 16-18th!

Greetings, tankers!

It is time to bring back the weekend fun. We’re resuming our Weekend Rush in-game contests, at least for a while.

Your goal is simple, capture flags and destroyed tanks! Every participant will be rewarded.

The contest started at 21:00 UTC, last night, November 15th. The server will count your frags and flags delivered. Here are the two nominations available for this contest:

  • Destroyer – the number of destroyed tanks
  • Flag Carrier – the number of flags captured

Between November 16th and 18th including, your every kill and captured flag will be counted, offering you a chance at winning one of the following prizes:



  • In order to have your results counted by the system, you will need to play every battle until the very end.
  • A player can make it to top 20 only in one nomination. If he has made it to top 20 in both nominations, only the highest results will be taken into account.
  • Players to have not made it to Top20 will be rewarded 10 Crystals for every tank destroyed and 100 Crystals for every flag captured.

The servers will stop counting frags and flags at 21:00 UTC, November 18th. The winners will be announced within 2 days after that.

Good luck! :)

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