Contest Series – Winter Holiday Decorations

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Hello, tankers!

We’ve decided to run a series of winter holiday contests called – “Winter Holiday Decorations” – four different contests for any creative taste, with very attractive prizes.

Video recording or streaming, drawing or poetry, choose the contest you like the most or the one you think you’re most good at and on to victory!

A Gift for the Youngest! 

– Video Contest

Do you have a younger brother or sister, who would enjoy a Tanki X t-shirt? Or maybe you’re a young fellow? We’re offering you a chance to win a “Heat Up” t-shirt, size S!

Best Winter Holiday Stream!

– Streaming Contest

Are you an avid streamer? Play Tanki X during this year’s winter holiday and broadcast it Live on your channel. At the end of the contest, 3 best streamers will be picked, each of them to receive a Tanki t-shirt, a pack of stickers, and 1000 X crystals on their account.

Fan-art “A Winter Tale” 

– Drawing Contest

If you enjoy drawing, here is an opportunity for you to highlight your skills. Draw a Tanki X fan-art (artwork) under “A Winter Tale” theme for a chance to win some of your most desired winter holiday items.

Winter Holiday Poem 

– Poetry Contest

Are you a poetic spirit? Write a poem about Tanki X  under the theme “Wishes for the New Year”, for a chance to win tons of blue crystals and upgrade your main equipment.

Read their description and terms of participation on our Forum. Join the discussion following the link below.

Good Luck!

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