Developer’s Diary #31

Welcome to a new episode of our Developer’s Diary, in which we’ll share with you the latest news about Tanki X.

Reviewing the past week

Let’s start with a look at the updates that we implemented last week.

While our developers were busy working on larger updates, they managed to carve out some time to surprise us with a new XT skin for the Titan hull.

Beside the new skin, here are some other items that can be found in the latest container:

  • The “Attack of Titan” and “Atlas” graffiti;
  • A new paint and coating called “Glacier”.

Last Friday, we released another balance update. In it, we finally increased the amount of battle points received for healing your allies with Isida. So, supporting your team is now as profitable as other roles.

We’ve also nerfed the freezing force of the Freeze turret by 15%, so it should now cause fewer problems when playing against it.

“Balance updates are often initiated by players themselves. It is a result of their complains such as “This equipment is more powerful than the other one” or vice versa. However, we never hurry to make such changes. First, we test it ourselves on different levels, while gathering data. If the players turn out to be right, we implement the required adjustments” – says Vladimir Beletskiy, Product Manager – Tanki X

It is important to note, that the effect of the “Recharge” module, and the effect of the Repair Kit supply box, no longer accumulate when used simultaneously. The second one that is activated, will reset the duration of the previous one.

You can still install two “Recharge” modules on a hull and take turns using them. We are planning on making huge changes to the module system in the future, but we’ll tell you more about that in one of our upcoming episodes.

Developer's Diary - Ares Map

Mars update

In an upcoming update, we’ll be releasing the new map.

It is called “Ares”, and it is a base that was built in secret by the “Frontier”, while Antaeus were taking over Moon Silence. A video narrating the story behind this project, will also be released together with the map.

To celebrate the release of the new map, we’ll be running a special offer. For an entire week, you will be able to acquire a new container called “Mars”. It will contain:

  • Unique skins called “Dreadnought”, for Wasp and Firebird;
  • A new paint and coating called “Radiation”;
  • New graffiti called “War of the Worlds” and “Alien”.

Developer's Diary - New Dreadnought Skins

“To give you a chance to obtain this container for free, we’re announcing “The Ladder Challenge” contest. We’re also going to run a few giveaways on our social media pages — you can find the links in the description.” – says Anna Kudryashove, Tanki X Analyst

Additionally, other skins from the “Dreadnought” series will be temporarily available for sale. These are the “Dreadnought” skins for Thunder and Dictator, which were available exclusively during the celebrations for Cosmonautics Day. Please keep in mind that the offer will only last a week, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to grab these unique skins.

Private Battles

Our work on the new matchmaking and battle selection system is almost complete, and we can finally tell you more about it, and show you some stuff too!

Very soon, clicking on the “Play” button in the main menu will open up 6 different options:

  • Quick Game, which will send you to a random game, in a random mode;
  • Deathmatch – the usual DM battle type;
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag
  • Space Battle, which will throw you into crazy battles on low gravity maps!

Developer's Diary - New Play Menu

And then there’s the sixth option — Custom Game — which will allow you to create a private battle, and play with friends. You will be able to set battle duration, gravity level, and invite friends. However, you will NOT earn any rewards or experience while playing a custom game.

By the way, you will still be able to spectate games, but only the ones your friends are playing.

For the first couple of weeks, the matchmaking system will work like the old system, grouping players into the same mastery level ranges as before. However, equipment will no longer get nerfed, and players will not receive penalties for leaving a battle.

Our developers are considering getting rid of the penalty system, in favor of a rating system and leagues. They’re also still thinking about ways to add the option of map choice within the new system.

Developer's Diary 6

“This is the first step towards a full matchmaking system with the goal of having players enter the battle simultaneously, and eventually the release of private battles. We have a few other things planned — a rating system, and leagues, which will be a central mechanism for the new matchmaking system. Stay tuned. We’ll be telling you all about it soon!” – says Vladimir Beletskiy, Product Manager – Tanki X

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