Update – Advanced Graphic Settings

Hello, tankers!

Today’s update is all about improving the performance of the game on older computers. One of our main focuses is to have our players experiencing Tanki X without any fps drops or any other graphical difficulties.

Here’s an overview of the update:

  • We’ve added an advanced section to the graphic settings menu. Players can now adjust the quality level of the textures, shadows, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, grass, and vegetation, as well as remove shading, bloom, chromatic aberration, granularity and vignetting, if necessary.
  • We’ve fixed the bug in which the daily quests were not displayed/ properly displayed.
  • We’ve fixed the bug in which the daily quests window was displayed even when no progress was done on any of the quests.

Update Advanced Graphics

Click here, to check our previous update that included some radical graphical improvements.

Fire at will!

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