Season of the Kraken!

Ready for the new season, tankers!?

The Season of the Tiger is over. The Season of the Kraken begins today. This new season will last for 6 weeks and is scheduled to end on August 23.


Every player, to have played at least one ranked battle last season, got corresponding rewards and already received them onto his account. As per every end of a season, the rating of all players was downgraded as follows:

  • Players with less than 400 reputation points at end of the season will not lose any of their reputation points.
  • Players that are in the Master league at the end of the season will have their reputation points reduced down to 2750 points.
  • The rest of the players (with more than 401 and less than 2749 reputation points) will lose around 40% of their reputation points at the end of the season.

Season of the kraken

The rewards have remained the same except for the new graffiti, which you will not be able to obtain anywhere else, except for getting it as a season reward.


The player with the highest rating last season, and the owner of a second “Hero” paint is – God.FatheR. Congratulations!

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