Update – Battle Features

Hello, tankers!

Here is a list of what we’ve changed and added in our today’s update.

  • We’ve implemented the new mechanic, in which the damage you inflict to an enemy tank, depends on which side of his tank you hit:
    • hitting an enemy tank in its rear side will deal the standard amount of damage;
    • hitting an enemy tank in its front side will deal half of the standard damage;
    • when in scope mode, Shaft will deal the full damage only if it hits the enemy tank in the turret and will deal reduced damage if it hits the hull. Hitting the front of the hull will reduce that damage even more.
    • Smoky’s critical hits will deal full damage regardless of which side of the enemy tank it will hit.
  • A visual display of the damage done to an enemy tank was added (this feature can be toggled one and off from the game settings). These are displayed as floating indicators:
    • hitting an enemy tank in its front side will display the damage done with a white indicator;
    • hitting an enemy tank in its rear side — red indicator;
    • the critical hits — red indicator;
    • hitting a tank’s turret with Shaft — red indicator;
    • mine damage — red indicator (it will always deal the standard damage);
    • healing a tank — green indicator;
  • We’ve rectified the wrong damage indicators for turrets and hull, within the garage interface.
  • Turrets, except for their barrel, have become solid and no longer fall beneath the map if a tank flips over.
  • We’ve fixed the issue with the weekly sale. “Frontier Zero” skin for Ricochet will be available to be purchased until 00:00 UTC, June 5th.


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