The Arms Race

A huge update has been implemented today called The Arms Race. It has changed both the economy of the game and its gameplay. Today signals the start of the new ranked season and the hunt for the coolest modules. Fire at will!


We’ve converted all the hulls and turrets to the new upgrade system. We’ve also compensated players for the crystals they’ve spent on upgrades and the resources they spent on crafting modules.

  • The level of your hulls and turrets has changed according to the new tank characteristics. However, game wise, your advantage remained at the same level.
  • We’ve compensated the crystals spent on turret/hull upgrades, with containers containing crystals and blueprints for modules, Part of it was compensated simply with crystals.
  • All the resources spent on crafting and recrafting modules, as well as resources that idle-ing in your garage, have been compensated with containers containing blueprints.
  • All the modules in your garage have been replaced with level 1 modules. You can check out their characteristics and abilities and decide which ones you want to play with and upgrade. Because players can now own a maximum of 1 module of each type, the extra modules have been removed from their garage and compensated with blueprints.
  • You will find the compensation in your garage.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the changes.

Weaponry Upgrades

  • Turrets and hulls now have 10 upgrade levels instead of 30. The level of your hull/turret is now increased by the amount of experience you get in battles, and they no longer require crystals to be upgraded.
  • All the characteristics of a tank are now stable and will increase depending on the level of a hull/turret, except damage and armor. These can be increased by modules. Every module gives a bonus in damage or armor. Summing up all the modules upgraded at the maximum level can give you a bonus of up to +42% to either of the two characteristics.
  • The stars that show up above a turret or a hull in your garage, is an indicator of how powerful your hull/turret is. The more modules you have equipped and the more upgraded they are, the more powerful your hull/turret is.

More details about the characteristics of turrets and hull will soon be added to our wiki page.

For every upgrade of your turret and hull, you will be rewarded:


If you’ve already received all the above rewards before the “Arms Race” update, you won’t receive additional rewards. 


12 new modules have been added to the game:

  • EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse)
    Activates a wave around the tank, which spreads in all directions, wiping positive effects off of tanks and blocks any module usage.
  • Engineer
    Increase the duration of all effects from supply boxes.
  • Rage
    Reduces all module cooldowns after destroying an enemy tank.
  • Backhit Defence
    Passively decreases all the incoming backhit damage.
  • Adrenaline
    All module cooldowns restore faster while the tank has low hitpoints.
  • Force Field
    Creates a shield in front of the player, that absorbs incoming enemy damage then disappears after a certain duration of time.
  • Turret Drone
    Deploys a turret drone, that is locked to the tank and deals damage to any enemy tank in its attack range.
  • Extra Mag
    Instantly reloads the turret’s magazine.
  • Lifesteal
    Partially restores hitpoints after destroying an enemy tank.
  • Ice Trap
    Deploys an ice trap, that activates when an enemy tank passes over it, freezing the tank and all the enemy tanks in the close vicinity, hardly slowing them in the process.
  • Invulnerability
    Absorbs all the incoming damage for a short period of time.
  • Emergency Protection
    Prevent your tank from being destroyed, causing it to be healed after a 2 seconds delay. The tank will be immobilized during this process, for a short duration of time.

Other changes to the module system

  • You can now install 6 modules on your tank, 4 active and 2 passive, 3 in the turret and 3 in the hull.
  • Module tiers are an indicator of their rarity. These are also split into colors, both modules, and blueprints.
    • Green – first tier, the most common blueprints and modules;
    • Blue – second tier, less common;
    • Violet – third tier, the rarest blueprints, and modules.


  • The resources have been replaced with blueprints. Every module has its own blueprint and they are needed for both module activation and its upgrade.
  • Blueprints are obtainable from the Bronze, Silver, and Golden containers.
  • Different modules require a different number of blueprints to upgrade.
  • You can no longer craft and recraft modules.
  • You can only have one module of each type.
  • Upgrading a module will improve:
    • Weaponry characteristics – armor for hulls and damage for turrets.
    • Module characteristics – its ability.

League and Ratings

We’ve implemented leagues and have launched the first ranked season.

There are a total of 5 leagues: Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Golden, and Master league.


  • New players will start in the Rookie league, with 100 reputation points.
  • Some of the more experienced players will be set to start their climb in the Bronze league.
  • Winning a battle will increase your reputation, losing a battle will decrease it.
  • To advance to the next league, you will require a certain amount of reputation points.


  • Your reputation points, as well as your win/lose ratio in ranked battles, will be displayed in the player’s profile.
  • Advancing to the next league will reward you a container (only once per account)
  • The first ranked season will last a month. At the end of the season, all the players to have played ranked games will receive rewards.

Game Modes

We’ve split the game modes into two main branches, ranked battles and quick play. In the game mode selection screen you will now see two buttons and the teleport.

Let’s go through the buttons and icons/indicators on the screen.


  • Ranked battle – a team based game mode on a random mode (TDM/CTF) and map, rewarding reputation points, affecting your placement in the league. You can only play ranked battles if you have enough teleport charges. In addition to experience points, you will also receive reputation points, which will lead you to advance to a higher league and receive rewards + blueprints for modules. There is also an indicator of your league, the number of the season and the remaining time before it ends.
  • Quick Play – a team based game mode on a random mode (TDM/CTF) and map. Here, you can train, upgrade your equipment and earn teleport charges in order to be able to play ranked battles.
  • Reward (blueprints) – a progress bar that indicates how much is left until you receive a container.
    • The progress bar will fill every time you earn points in a battle. You will require 800 points to receive a container. That means that the more effective are you in battle, the faster you will receive the container.
    • The first battle of the day will reward you double the number of points.
    • A button near it will let you see your rewards for the current season (those that you will receive at the end of the season), depending on your placement/league.
  • Teleport charges – the number of available charges that are required to play ranked battles.
  • Other game modes – Here you will find the familiar arcade modes like “Deathmatch”, “Space battles”, and “Custom game”.


Teleport charges

The teleport indicator on the screen will show you the number of charges you currently have available.

How can you obtain teleport charges?

  • Once a day, you can get 50 teleport charges for free in our in-game store.
  • In quick play, teleport charges are rewarded to you instead of funds.
  • You can acquire more teleport charges in our in-game store for X-crystals (the price will depend on the league).


Farming teleport charges in quick play

  • The maximum number of teleport charges you can gather depends on your league. If you were rewarded more charges than the maximum capacity of your teleport device allows, the extra charges will be converted into crystals, at a conversion rate of 5 charges for 1 crystal (rounded up to advantage the player).
  • The number of charges you earn in quick play also depends on your league, and whether your team won are lost the match.

Entering a ranked battle:

  • You can only teleport to a ranked battle when you have the exact amount of teleport charges required.
  • The number of teleport charges required to enter a ranked battle depends on the league, so is the rewarded teleport charges in quick play.
  • When entering a ranked battle, you will always spend teleport charges. The higher the league, the expensive it costs.
  • If you’ve placed first on the battle board, you will receive back a number of charges you’ve spent on entering the ranked battle.
  • After an imbalanced match, players who have played to the end will receive back 50% of the charges on entering the ranked battle.
  • An imbalanced battle is a battle that meets one of the following criteria:
    • The battle has ended with 3 or fewer players;
    • The battle has ended with 2 players difference between the two teams, or more.

update arms race


  • Players will now match depending on their reputation points and league. If there aren’t enough players, the system will start looking for top players in the lower leagues or less experienced players in the higher leagues.
  • In ranked battles, players will be added in pairs, in order to avoid temporary imbalance between the teams.
  • The battle will not start if there are less than 4 players in the battle.
  • Deserters will be matched with deserters. They will only match with normal players if there are no other deserters to match them with. They will also receive fewer teleport charges in quick play. In Ranked battles, any deserting action will be penalized with reputation points.

Daily Quests

  • Players will receive much higher rewards once they pass the 11th rank.
  • We’ve added new containers as rewards for the daily quests.
  • We removed daily quests that require you to play a certain game mode and the quests that reward X-crystals.

Items and rewards

  • The gold box now only drops in quick play, and it now rewards teleport charges instead of crystals.
  • The crystals funds have been removed:
  • in quick play you will be rewarded teleport charges;
  • in ranked battle you will be rewarded containers, that contain blueprints for modules;
  • in arcade modes, you will receive only experience points.
  • X-crystals are now Golden Crystals.

Interface and other

  • We’ve added a tutorial level for newbies;
  • You can now switch presets in the pre-battle lobby;
  • We’ve added a server status icon;
  • We’ve updated the garage interface;
  • We’ve updated the player’s profile interface;
  • We’ve updated the display of modules in battles;
  • Players can now see an indicator of the supply they’re under the effect of. Top right corner of the screen;
  • The “Spectate” button has been added to the profile of a friend;
  • We’ve added sound effects for the spider mine.


  • We’ve fixed the issue in which many players had their client freezing during the initialization process.
  • We’ve fixed the issues in which part of the modules wasn’t working after a player has returned to the battle.


For any game related issues, please refer to our support site: http://echo.tankix.com/ ⚠
Make sure you search for the issue on the help site, before posting a new one, in order to avoid double posting

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