“Weekend Rush” – In-game Contest!


Hear ye, tankers!

In our first episode of TX News, we mentioned a thing or two about some up and coming contests that will reward not only the usual in-game items and currency but reputation points as well.

That time has come. We would like to announce the “Weekend Rush” which is like a bonus level in which you can earn reputation points and many other rewards.

If you’re an active player but maybe not one of the best on the charts, this is a chance to earn some extra reputation points and climb to the top.

21:00 UTC, today, marks the start of this race. It is at this hour that our systems will start counting your results in battles in three of the following nominations:

  • Destroyer – the number of destroyed tanks
  • Flag Carrier – the number of flags captured
  • Gold catcher – the number of caught gold boxes

Between the 27th and the 29th of April including, your every kill, flag captured, and gold box caught will be counted, offering you a chance at winning one of the following prizes.

Here are the rewards.


* the 2000 reputations points fund in each nomination will be split amongst the top 10 players, depending on their contribution. For example, if the top 10 players have captured 20 flags overall, but one of them has captured 10 out of the 20, he will be rewarded 50% of the fund pool, which in this case makes 1000 reputation points.

The same top 10 players will also get X-crystals equal to the number of reputation points they were rewarded.

To keep it intriguing, the results of the “Weekend Rush” will be published on the 30th of April or on the 1st of May. with no intermediate results. The rewards will be then transferred within 3 days after the results were published.

Fire at will!


Important! This is the first contest in this format, hence, you can expect adjustments to be made for the next contest. We would also like to hear your feedback about the contest. 

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