Tanki X Steam release anniversary!

Greetings, tankers!

Today, the 20 of April, we’re celebrating a year since Tanki X was released on Steam. During this period of time, we got a total of 1425 reviews, the majority of which are positive. We would like to thank everybody that took their time to play and review our game. If you didn’t review it yet, this would the right time.

Do we have anything prepared for this occasion? You bet we have. Today, at 21:00 UTC, we kick it off with two special offers.

Double X-crystals

Between April 20th, 21:00 UTC and April 23rd, 20:59 UTC, upon buying any available X-crystals pack in our in-game store, you will get a 100% bonus in X-crystals. That is double the amount you would usually pay for.

The offer will also work with the Steam payment method as well as prepaid vending machines.

Attention! This special offer will not work if you still have the first buy special offer. In this case, you will have to use the first buy special offer first, and only then you will be able to use this one.

Steam Anniversary

50% discount on Steam DLCs

Between April 21st, 20:00 UTC and April 24th, 19:59 UTC, every DLC pack in our Tanki X Steam store page, will be at 50% discount.

Attention! You can purchase only 1 pack per 1 Tanki X account. Refund is not available if you purchase 2 different packs, which include the same weapons, hulls, and skins or you already have the items from the pack! The items will be granted to the account that you use to log into the game through Steam.

Tanki X: Steam Pack – will be available at 5,99€ instead of 11,99€

It contains:

  • The «Red Amber» paint …which is available exclusively in the Steam pack.
  • 500 x-crystals …to have something to spend in our in-game store.
  • 10 Hackers containers …to unlock or/and upgrade modules.
  • 1 XT Container …that includes the most popular skins in Tanki X.
  • 5000 crystals …to upgrade or tune the look of your tank.
  • 2 Camouflage Containers …a few additional camouflage paints for your collection.


Tanki X: Mercenary Flamethrower – will be available at 2,99€ instead of 5,99€

It contains:

  • The Firebird turret
  • The Wasp hull
  • The Firebird Steel skin
  • The “Inferno” Paint

A perfect set of items for the most daring and agile players.


Tanki X: Antaeus Marksman – will be available at 5,99€ instead of 11,99€

It contains:

  • The  Railgun turret
  • The Hornet hull
  • The “Railgun XT” skin
  • The “Clay” paint

The optimal set of items for the decisive and rapid players.


Tanki X: Antaeus Skirmisher – will be available at 12,49€ instead of 24,99€

It contains:

  • The Thunder turret
  • The Viking hull
  • The “Thunder XT” skin
  • The “Viking XT” skin
  • The “Storm” paint

A cool set of items for the most power lusting and stylish players


Have a nice weekend, tankers!

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