Contest Avalanche!


What is “Contest Avalanche”? It is a marathon or a chain of contests, in which you can not only win, but get magical snowflakes for participating.

Why do you need snowflakes? 

  • The snowflakes create a common prize fund – each snowflake adds 10 X-crystals to the fund.
  • On January 10th, 2018, 10 players will be randomly drawn to split the prize fund among them.
  • If you have earned at least 1 snowflake, you are already a participant. Each snowflake will earn you one additional entry to the final draw. The more snowflakes you earn, the better chances you will have at winning.

Every other day, we will have a contest announced on one of our social media platforms or forum.

What type of contests will we have? 

  • Winter X Fan Art (starts today)
  • Tanki Training Master (guide contest)
  • The Winter Writer (writing contest)
  • The CGI Masters (screen editing contest)
  • The Winter Ladder Challenge (the traditional ladder in-game challenge)
  • Catch Santa (see Santa, screen Santa + something more)
  • A lot of Puzzles and more.


In the forum topic of this article, we added a set of rules and terms of participation. Please read them before you take the decision to participate.

Good luck and happy holidays, tankers!

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