Developer’s Diary #44

Greetings, tankers!

We are glad to see you back within our ranks for 2018. Today, we’ll be talking about the most recent winter holiday celebration, how we are planning on starting the new year, and we’ll set the course for the upcoming month. Don’t switch the channel!

Developer's Diary #44

Concluding the winter holiday celebration

As the entire world was celebrating Christmas and New Year, so was Tanki X. The winter holiday season has successfully concluded. The tankers, that fearlessly fought for their well-deserved place on the ladder, have now received their unique rewards. Player Nikolka still remains undefeated this season just as he was during previous seasons.

Developer's Diary #44

The third season is now in full swing. It is time to show everybody what you’re made of, and break into the top 50 players in Tanki X!

The contest avalanche, which has shown a wide diversity of contests, has also concluded. On January 10th, during our Livestream, 10 players were randomly chosen, to receive 3740 X-crystals each, which is an equal share of the ultimate prize fund. What a great start to the new year for those lucky tankers!

Finally, the results of the Ladder Challenge, a traditional fun event that is organized every half a year, have been announced. The winners have received winter holiday containers, as well as containers with blueprints, premium accounts, and the best ones even got a special title on our forum.

Developer's Diary #44

Congratulations to the winners of all the contests and challenges that we ran during the celebration.

Kicking off the new year

In January, we decided to focus on fixing game bugs and planning future updates. During the first week after the celebration ended, we fixed a number of bugs that were causing the game to occasionally crash. The game has become more stable since. We also improved the functionality of squads, containers, and battle points.

In a recent update, we modified the Freeze turret.

Developer's Diary #44

The turret will now have the ability to cool down an allied “Vulcan” turret. Additionally, the freezing effect will now be removed upon respawn.

In the upcoming months, we are planning to further improve the interface of the game. You have probably noticed how the new design of the interface has transformed the game. Well, we are not planning on stopping here. The next changes will affect the battle interface.

We continue to work on the balance of the game. Last Monday we increased the recharge timer of the EMP module. Its frequent use on the battlefield was giving players too much of an advantage. EMP will have to be used smarter and less often, in order to reverse the course of a battle. However, the characteristics of the EMP and other modules are subject to change in the future.

“How will matchmaking change? We already said during the last stream that we have plans to make the battles start simultaneously for all the players in a lobby. That means that the battle will only start once every player has finished loading and his tank has spawned on the map. Besides that, we are working on balancing the teams in matchmaking, by having it take into account the player’s modules.”  – says Vladimir Beletskiy, Product Manager at Tanki X.

Developer's Diary #44

Changes to leagues

In a recent update, we changed a few rules related to reputation earning in some leagues.

After analyzing this problem for three seasons, now we’ve finally made a decision. The most effective players in the Bronze and Silver league will no longer lose reputation points in a lost battle. This way, climbing the ladder will become easier for those who try to carry their team in every battle.

“It often happens that you put effort into winning, but your team is slacking. We believe that such players are worthy of reputation points, even if their team lost the battle. This could be a great chance for skilled players to get into the Gold league, and then into top 50 if they are worthy.” – says Sergey Loshkarev, UI/UX Designer at Tanki X

Gold and Master leagues will be less affected by these changes. Players will have to choose skill over comfort if they want to place higher on the ladder. In battles of highest rating, players will have to show all their skill and fight in full strength along their teammates.

Developer's Diary #44

Radioactive weekend

Attention, tankers! Tomorrow, January 19th starts the “Radioactive weekend”, in which everyone will have a chance to test drive super speedy tanks. For three consecutive days, the speed of all the hulls will be increased 1.5x times. So, buckle up, cause It’s about to get hot in here! Besides that, upon buying the 4th, 5th, and the 6th X-crystals package, you will get a rare paint called “Radiation”. This paint was contained in the “Mars” container that is no longer available for sale.

The event is scheduled to end Monday morning, January 22nd. After that, we will conduct a survey in which you will have the chance to share your opinion about the increased pace of the game, during the event.

Developer's Diary #44

That’s it for today. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like our video. Fire at will!

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