The Battle of Corporations – Get Ready!

Tankers! The Battle of Corporations is about to begin!

The battle of the two giants for territory and deposits of crystals. Both Antaeus and Frontier are mobilizing their armies! They’ve called the best mercenaries and X tank operators, promising generous rewards for joining the battle and even more if they help achieve victory.

Antaeus – an economic mega-corporation that desires to lay their hands on all the energy resources in the solar system. They have the best technology and the most purposeful leaders.

Frontier – an association of military organizations that are fighting for a free market. Their strongest sides are their strategic thinking and excellent engineers who believe in the righteousness of their mission.

Which path will YOU take?


The battle will start at 21:00 UTC, today. From that point on, until the 16th of September, our script will be counting every point all mercenary will score for their respective corporation. It will be displayed on a dedicated website.

The result of the Battle of Corporations will determine the scenario for future events of this genre. The winning side will be the initiator of further military operations.

One more thing! The winning corporation will celebrate their victory by releasing new skins and paints. Which ones? That will depend on the result.

How to participate?

All you need to do is decide who will you fight for, Antaeus or Frontier, buy and equip their respective graffiti, and FIGHT!


  • It is very important that you equip the graffiti after the battle of corporations has already started. If you’ve equipped it before, the system will not be able to tag you as part of any of the two corporations. If you’ve already equipped it, just re-equip it again after the battle of corporations has started.
  • You can only choose one corporation to fight for. The corporation that you will be fighting for will be decided the first time you enter a battle with the graffiti of one of the corporations. You can not switch to the other side after that.

Call to Arms

Call to Arms is the fight of the most skilled tankers. Answering the call will mean that you will be fighting for the top-10 best players in both EN and RU locales. Those to complete the mission most effective will be rewarded bonus in-game prizes, as well as special prizes from our partner Canyon.

We will announce seven “Call to Arms” missions. The first will be announced tomorrow and will start on September 2nd. Stay tuned!

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