Update: ranked system and friends list

Ranked system:

Players, that are forced to join the losing team in an almost finished battle, will no longer lose battle points, and the teleport charges he spent on the battle, will be refunded. This will happen in the following cases (both of them has to be valid):

  • The player was forced to join the battle at the 4th minute or later.
  • The difference between the team is 2 or more flags in CTF mode and more than 10 frags in TDM mode.

Other changes:

  • Players can check the number of available blueprints they have for every module, in their garage and upon opening a container with blueprints.
  • Players can now see the changes in their rating, right after the end of a ranked battle (if the indicator is missing, it means that there were no changes in rating for the player).
  • We’ve updated the friends list window
  • We’ve updated the custom game invite form that is sent to friends.
  • Players with accounts that were automatically registered via Steam, will now be able to change their nickname once for free.
  • We’ve fixed a number of issues that were negatively affecting the game client upon joining a battle.



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